Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen

Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen
Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen
Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen

Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen

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Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Buckhead Pride Beef Loin, Strip Loin Steak is a boneless strip steak that delivers steaks that are practically clean of external fat produced from Certified Angus Beef (CAB). Often referred to as a New York strip, each portion comes sealed in its own vacuum packaging for freshness and easy preparation without waste. This high-end product makes a great center-plate entrée as back strap is also removed creating a steak that is almost 100% consumable.

  • Boneless strip loin steaks are vacuum sealed for freshness
  • Steaks weigh 12 oz. individually with 1" tail
  • Steaks are portion cut to a weight specification (not to a thickness specification)
  • Upper 2/3's USDA Choice or higher (Modest or higher marbling)
  • Medium to fine marbling; 30 months of age or less
  • Quality and appearance (superior muscling, no dark cutters, no visible hump exceeding 2').
  • Consistent sizing (ribeye size, carcass weight, 1" or less fat cover)
  • Rich flavor from its abundant internal marbling, Sous Vide, Seared or Grilled Strip Steaks are an amazing center-of-the-plate option
  • Steaks were produced in a federally inspected meat plant and have passed all inspection requirements for wholesomeness

About Buckhead Pride

Since Buckhead was founded, our focus has been on supplying meats of the highest quality and trim standards. Most meat companies handle meat as a commodity product, basing their buying decisions on the lowest price. At Buckhead we learned long ago that true value is based upon yield, appearance and most importantly taste. We also have learned that the benchmark of our success is helping satisfy the guests in our customers’ dining rooms.

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    Buckhead Pride CAB KC Strip, Frozen

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