Cackalacky Cheerwine Sweet Sauce

Cackalacky Cheerwine Sweet Sauce

Cackalacky Cheerwine Sweet Sauce

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Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce Trio

Famously Original® Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce - 16 oz. - Jar 3-Pack

We believe that most folks agree that Cackalacky® eats are always best enjoyed with friends and proper drink. And, in the case of Cheerwine®, we actually took this maxim *quite literally* by developing a sweet 'n savory "tomato-based" dipping-grilling sauce & marinade that's actually made with the original Cheerwine® secret formula and our secret Cackalacky® spice blend.  ...A "legendary handshake between lively Southern food and drink" if you will.

Pairing Suggestions:
★ Burgers
★ Grilled Shrimp
★ Wings
★ Pizza
★ Meatballs
★ Baked Salmon
★ Ribs
★ Baked Beans
★ Meatloaf 
★ Kielbasa
★ Grilled Veggies
★ Pork Barbecue
★ Taco Salad

Cackalacky® is the registered trademark of Cackalacky, Inc. 

Cheerwine® is the registered trademark of Carolina Beverage Corp, Salisbury, NC. 

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Cackalacky Cheerwine Sweet Sauce

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