Cackalacky Super Extra Hot Pepper Hot Sauce

Cackalacky Super Extra Hot Pepper Hot Sauce

Cackalacky Super Extra Hot Pepper Hot Sauce

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Famously Original® Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce - Super Extra Hot - 5 oz. Bottle

Sauce Flavor Description:

★ Cackalacky®Pepper - Sauce Super Extra Hot
Brewed with Carolina Reaper chile peppers and our Famously Original® Secret Spice Blend, Cackalacky® Super Extra Hot Pepper Sauce is, as its name suggests, an extra-spicy version of our flagship gourmet Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce.

Weighing in at approximately 1,642,000 – 2,500,000 Scoville Heat Units with subtle notes of sweetness and fruity flavors, we believe that the Carolina Reaper chile pepper - the primary source of this sauce’s extraordinary piquancy - is the perfect candidate to provide this offering with its superlative heat and taste sensations.
Like its milder namesake, Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce, our Super Extra Hot version lends itself especially well as a dipping sauce and topping with everyday family menu items like burgers, biscuits, wings, pizza, tacos, and omelets.

Pairing Suggestions:

★ Wings
★ Tacos
★ Oysters
★ Cocktails
★ Omelets
★ Seafood
★ Salads
★ Pizza
★ Burgers
★ Chili
★ Party Dips
★ Fries & Tater Tots

Cackalacky® is the registered trademark of Cackalacky, Inc. 

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Cackalacky Super Extra Hot Pepper Hot Sauce

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