Grill Grate Sear'N Sizzle 17" Grate

Grill Grate Sear&

Grill Grate Sear'N Sizzle 17" Grate

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Enjoy your Blackstone Griddle even more with the Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate.  Convert a portion of your Blackstone to a grill.  Sear great steaks, burgers, chicken, and more.  Now you can grill and griddle on your Blackstone!

  • 17” long by 9.25” wide and stands .625″ (5/8) tall
  • Now features interlocking channels!
  • Raised Rail Design conducts heat rapidly and evenly into food
  • Rails Sear
  • Valleys sizzle with flavor below the food

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