JB's Gourmet Spice Blend Gold Rush Rub


JB's Gourmet Spice Blend Gold Rush Rub

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This all purpose blend of spices will make you forget who your favorite local steakhouse was. We use a tri-blend of garlic to create the flavor of this all natural combination of garlic & herbs. Gold Rush adds the bold but elegant touch your homemade steak has been missing! Gold Rush will replace the all-purpose seasoning you are used to using. See suggested uses below. Gold Rush is very Low Sodium, Gluten Free and contains no MSG, additives, or artificial colors, just spices that we've hand selected. So the next time you're in the mood to scare away a vampire or to eat a world class ribeye, slap it with our Gold Rush seasoning. Gold Rush is also a great addition to zing up your Italian dishes with that extra flare it's missing.

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JB's Gourmet Spice Blend Gold Rush Rub

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